Young Fathers: Dead

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Artist: Young Fathers
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: Anticomn/Big Dada

Young Fathers know the power of words. The Edinburgh-based trio with Nigerian, Liberian and Scottish members have already set out their stall with two fine EPs, but Dead moves things to a much higher level. Raw, emotional and compelling, Young Fathers fire up drama with every track, each riveted into place by heavyweight percussive, military beats before the MCs' crystal-
clear clarion calls come in to push things further on and up. Young Fathers have a knack for dishing out infectious pop hooks alongside the raw flow, and Dead has its fair rattle of these. Both Low and War are smartly ripped in this regard, but the dynamic cadence and fervour of Get Up and Paying also catch the ear. Live, Young Fathers rumble like beasts, but Dead shows they're well on their way to matching that energy on record as well.

Download: Get Up, Low, War