Winifred Horan: Lost Girl Found

Fri, Jul 18, 2014, 00:00


Lost Girl Found

Winifred Horan

Independent Release


Solas fiddler Winifred Horan’s third solo album delivers on its intriguing title: Lost Girl Found slowly and subtly reveals the vulnerability and emotional honesty of a musician who has never been satisfied to retread old ground. On Sailing Back to You, her 2012 collaboration with Mick McAuley and Colm Ó Caoimh, Horan spread her wings beyond the high-octane confines of Solas. Here she further delves into the waltzes, French cafe airs and songs that she loves dearly. Horan’s fiddle lines trace beautiful contours around her rich set list, and her spare vocals are a lesson in how to inhabit a lyric. Producer Donogh Hennessy brings needle-sharp precision to the arrangements, while bass from Chico Huff and Trevor Hennessy add further delicate depth to the mix. These languorous melodies, which insinuate themselves into the subconscious, are a delight.

Download: Melancholy French Waltz, Georgiana Moon