White Lies: Big TV

Fri, Aug 9, 2013, 00:00


Big TV

White Lies



They were once primed to inherit the mantle of indie gloom-rock kingpins from Interpol and Editors, so where did it go wrong for White Lies? The young London trio began well with an impressively poised 2009 debut, but after a middling second effort their third album insinuates that progression is not a priority. This humdrum collection of shady guitars, pulsating basslines and epic crescendos is no different to their previous output, although vocalist Harry McVeigh’s swarthy voice has matured nicely. Still, amid the acceptably OTT choruses (Goldmine), subtle melodic shake-ups (Be Your Man) and intermittent ear-catching lyric (“The city lit up like a pinball table full of fireflies”), it’s clear that White Lies are afraid to take risks. Instead, playing it safe produces a glossy but drab record that’s sorely lacking the crackle of authenticity and agitation. whitelies.com
Download: Be Your Man, Goldmine