We Cut Corners: Think Nothing

Fri, Apr 25, 2014, 00:00


Think Nothing

We Cut Corners



Three years on from an excellent debut, We Cut Corners re-employ their blueprint of short, effervescent pop tunes based around guitar, drums and dual vocals with a newfound self-assured zing. Orchestral strings bloom into life on Wallflowers, Maybe in the Future and Hunger. Best Friend is a taut alt.rock number with a side helping of angsty gloom. Conall O’Breachain’s distinctive yelp stings Blue’s grungy riff into life and tenderly floats atop Every Thief, while bandmate John Duignan’s vocal on the loose, poppy bounce of Mammals is a highlight. The pair’s talent for a nifty lyrical turn of phrase (“Sit around in your depressing gown . . . ”) don’t go unnoticed, either. A variety of styles packed concisely into 28 fantastically entertaining minutes makes for one of the most creative, well-rounded albums you’ll hear this year. wecutcorners.net
Download: Mammals, Best Friend