Various: Acid: Mysterons Invade the Jackin' Zone

Fri, Mar 29, 2013, 00:00


Acid: Mysterons Invade the Jackin' Zone


Soul Jazz


Chicago’s acid revolution in the mid-1980s came about partly because of the availability of the Roland 303 to produce the acid squelches and squawks and partly as a result of the willingness of DJs such as Ron Hardy to play the tunes in clubs such as Music Box, Power Plant and the Playground. But it was really down to the young producers who took four-to-the-floor grooves to another dimension.

This compilation rounds up 18 of the primal, feral, jackin’ anthems that kickstarted a social and cultural revolution on both sides of the Atlantic. Even today, tracks such as Phuture’s Slam , Mr Fingers’s Can You Feel It and Virgo’s Go Wild sound remarkably cutting-edge. The compilation is accompanied by a graphic novel by Italian artist Paolo Parisi that puts a sci-fi twist on the story of the music.

Download: Slam; Can You Feel It; Go Wild