Tyler, The Creator: Cherry Bomb | Album Review

Cherry Bomb
    
Artist: Tyle the Creator
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: Odd Future

Even teenage delinquents have to grow up at some stage. Cherry Bomb is the Odd Future gang leader's fourth album and it's a noisy, rambunctious, unfettered, explosive affair, a bum-rush of energy, top-of-the-head thinking and musical prowess.

Be it his kinship with Pharrell Williams's N.E.R.D years (Deathcamp has the same menacing riffery once associated with that band) or the dastardly bass thump on Pilot, Tyler's ear for the beauty in the midst of sonic discordance is well tuned.

Elsewhere, he out-jostles and overshadows blue-chip guests such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne on Smuckers, though Toro Y Moi and Kali Uchis are good value for their contributions to Fucking Young/Perfect.

Perhaps the biggest change comes with the lyrics, with the self-loathing and troublemaking Tyler of old not making as much noise as before.