Turin Brakes: Invisible Storm – no surprises from noughties indie survivors

Fri, Jan 26, 2018, 05:00


Invisible Storm

Turin Brakes

Cooking Vinyl


In many ways, Turin Brakes are the quintessential “survivors” of the early noughties indie scene, despite fumbling their initial promise and the mainstream success of their first two albums. Perhaps it’s the London four-piece’s “If it ain’t broke . . .” attitude that has gotten them as far as album number eight, another solid collection of pop-laced indie compositions smattered with harmonies and breezy choruses. Lost in the Woods is the pick of the bunch, its warm, full-sounding jangle recalling Fleetwood Mac, while the title track takes a more sombre tack, its downcast piano melody crashing somewhat clumsily into a dramatic chorus. The sumptuous strings on the dreamy Smoke and Mirrors is an improvement on their tried-and-tested formula, and simplified closing track Don’t Know Much plays to co-vocalists Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian’s strengths, showcasing their winsome harmonies. While it’s true that there are no surprises and a glut of lyrics that edge close to mawkishness in the mix (“To get through ‘easy’ you gotta go through ‘hard’/ All you could be is in your heart’”), there’s a lot to be said for consistency, too. turinbrakes.com