Tove Lo: Queen of the Clouds

Fri, Sep 26, 2014, 00:00


Queen of the Clouds

Tove Lo



Tove Nilsson knows how to pen earworms. Over the past couple of months, Habits (Stay High) has found its ways onto many a play- list thanks to its fizzy panache and blissy buzz. The Swedish singer-songwriter’s debut album is just as well endowed, and there are many spikey, occasionally dirty pop turns to admire. Nilsson was mentored by Max Martin and Johan “Shellback” Schuster, and also worked with Xenomania. So she has the back-up it takes to write decent songs, and finds gold by pushing the electronic pop envelope a little further than others might and adding grit to the mix. There’s a pleasurable thump and throb as Talking Body, Moments and Not on Drugs drag you into their orbit and leave you agape at the excellent blend of abject joy and choice melancholy. The sound of an artist getting ready to embrace the universe for all it’s worth.