This Album Changed My Life: Feist – The Reminder (2007)

Inni-K on how the Canadian inspired the organic approach of her new album

I first heard The Park, one of the most affecting and beautiful songs I've heard to this day, from Feist's 2007 album The Reminder, while waiting to board a delayed flight in Dublin Airport. A friend handed me his headphones and said: "Have a listen." I did, and I'm still listening.

Looking back, I was at a stage then where I was trying to find my own style, my own voice. I would have been known as a traditional singer, and though that was my bedrock, I had a strong desire to break out of any mould and find my own expression.

Hearing the voice of Leslie Feist, so packed full of gorgeous textures – at once delicate, metallic, raw, so beautiful and uncurbed – I felt new possibilities being unlocked. Something about a voice so unique made me really curious to explore textures and nuances in my own.

The Reminder is one of the top albums that would have influenced the recording of my second album The Hare & the Line. What I love most about The Reminder is that you hear the house where it was recorded, you hear the air; you hear the interplay and the listening that's going on between all the musicians. It's beautifully real.


I wanted The Hare & the Line to have something of that nature to it, to be more organic – people in a room making music together and sparking off each other. I'm very glad that we managed to achieve that on a couple of the songs, and it's definitely something I'd aspire to doing more in future.

Inni-K will release her second album, The Hare & the Line on March 1st. The first single Just After is out now. Tour dates on inni-k. com">