The sounds of the World Cup


Ireland not be going to the World Cup, but one Dublin- based independent label is celebrating the tournament, nonetheless. Indiecater Records got in touch with a host of international acts and asked them to write a song about a World Cup team of their choice.

The result is a 32-track compilation dubbed Fast Forward, released earlier this week and available to buy from Amongst the participating bands are US indie-poppers Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin and British folk band Tap Tap, and Irish acts Grand Pocket Orchestra, Hunter-Gatherer and My Brother Woody.

Label founder Kevin Dunphy said that it was his most ambitious project yet, and it had taken a year to plan and arrange. “As you can imagine Brazil, England and Spain were quickly snapped up, but getting someone to sing about North Korea and Slovenia was always going to be bit of a challenge,” he joked.