The River Cry

Fri, Mar 22, 2013, 00:00


The River Cry

The River Cry

self released


Many will remember Hilary Woods as the bass player with Irish indie outfit JJ72. After two albums, Woods left the band, went back to college and remained very much off the music radar until now. The River Cry’s album is a dreamy collection of hushed, tender lullabyes, a sound as far removed from Woods’s previous band as the Beara Peninsula (where she recorded the album in an old schoolhouse) is from her native Dublin. The album wears its Mazzy Star. Karen Dalton/Margo Timmins influences on its sleeve and is none the worse for that. The ethereal tone of Woods’s voice and her use of lonesome piano timbres weave a spell to draw you closer on tracks such as To the Sea , September Light and While I Lie .
Download: While I Lie, To the Sea