The Como Mama: Glorious gospel to move and inspire

The Como MamasMove UpstairsDaptone4 stars

Move Upstairs
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Artist: The Como Mamas
Genre: R&B / Soul
Label: Daptone

If you're searching for authenticity, it doesn't come any realer than The Como Mamas. Originally caught in action on the "Como Now" showcase of Mississippi singing stars in 2006, Ester Mae Smith, Angela Taylor and Della Daniels are gospel singers in the truest sense, singing, hollering and testifying for the lord with pride and devotion. Like their Get An Understanding release in 2013, Move Upstairs has a timeless currency with the sisters and their cousin creating the kind of gritty, raspy, hard-hitting gospel which soars with every hosanna. On Out of the Wilderness, Glory Glory Hallelujah and the title track, you're wowed by the way in which the trio's vocal power so vibrantly uses the gentle, minimal backing of the Daptone house band to create superbly moving songs. It's still gospel, still rooted in the culture of the church where these three women first aired their voices, but these songs about redemption, forgiveness and eternal glory also speak to a life-affirming quality all of us should appreciate.