The Auteurs: New Wave (Expanded Edition)

New Wave (Expanded Edition)
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Artist: The Auteurs
Genre: Alternative
Label: Cherry Red

A full 21 years after its release, The Auteurs' debut album comes back into focus and, instructively, marks a thick line between the death of Madchester and the birth of Britpop. Beaten by one vote for 1993's Mercury Music Prize (Suede nabbed the gong for their debut), New Wave blends singer and songwriter Luke Haines's interests (misanthropy, artfulness, cynicism, complaining) with music that superbly references the likes of The Kinks, The Smiths and The Beatles. This expanded edition includes B-sides, rarities, BBC radio sessions, demo tracks and sleeve notes by Haines ("the songs were bullet-proof – there is not a note that I would change"). He also states that "the album still sounds great". He's not wrong.
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