The Altered Hours – In Heat Not Sorry: fuzzy, forthright alt-rock from Cork

Thu, Jan 28, 2016, 11:15


In Heat Not Sorry

The Altered Hours

Art for Blind/Penske Recordings


If rough around the edges, fuzzy, forthright alt-rock is your thing, then The Altered Hours will be right up your street.

There is undoubtedly a hefty smack of pretension to the Cork band’s debut – particularly in the lyrics – but the quality of the songs makes turning the other cheek an easy feat. Silver Leather sways with an atonal guitar riff that is reminiscent of The Fall; a krautrock influence is audible in the motorik beats of Way of Sorrow and Who’s Saving Who?; and the influence of The Velvet Underground looms large throughout as Cathal MacGabhann and Elaine Howley trade ethereal, woozy vocals.

In Heat Not Sorry may not be the most original album you’ll hear this year, but it shows plenty of promise and is positively stuffed with good ideas.