The Afghan Whigs: Do to the Beast

Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 00:00


Do To The Beast

The Afghan Whigs

Sub Pop


Sixteen years since their classic 1965 album, the Cincinnati alt.rockers are back on their old Sub Pop label for this welcome return to the fray. The Afghan Whigs were never really given a fair crack of the commercial crossover whip the first time around; their original work is a major inspiration for acts such as The National. Thankfully, Greg Dulli & co haven’t gone the makeover route. One listen to album standout The Lottery confirms that the soulful guitar-driven swagger is still in place, if with an added sense of urgency. There’s width and depth aplenty here: Algiers may begin like Be My Baby, but it soon morphs into the type of song U2 talk about writing but never get around to. Reducing the tempo and darkening the mood with These Sticks, they slow-burn their way through a hook-laden bitter ballad. Royal Cream is a compression of their trademark qualities. An invigorating work from a reinvigorated band.
Download: These Sticks, Algiers, Royal Cream