The 2 Bears: The Night Is Young

The Night Is Young
    
Artist: The 2 Bears
Genre: Dance
Label: Southern Fried

It's not just their insistence on sporting bear costumes that mark one-time music publicist Raf Rundell and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard out for attention. Their second album in ursine guise is alive to the idea of having fun on the dancefloor while reflecting a beguiling sense of melancholy, something the best disco and house tunes manage to conceal in the oddest of nooks and crannies. These are producers who remember deep house from the first time around, which helps embroider the grooves with more than just the usual flurry of voguish bells and whistles. There's a similar depth to tracks such as Get Out and Modern Family, while the title number is a delightful odyssey full of derring-do. Here's a reminder that hedonism isn't just for the kids.