Swim Deep: Where the Heaven Are We

Fri, Aug 2, 2013, 00:00


Where the Heaven Are We

Swim Deep

Chess Club


Birmingham is a long way from the coast, last time we looked, but that hasn’t prevented Swim Deep’s beach pop dreams from taking flight. Like everything from the four-piece to date, their debut album comes with heat shimmer and blurry haze rising lazily from the grooves. It’s a rich, evocative and often convincing blast of pop, full of neat guitar lines, sunny synths and warm, sticky hooks. King City, Honey and Red Lips I Know really benefit from these attributes and soar away with great aplomb. The problem with their bedraggled, unkempt jangles and fuzz is the lack of a distinct, striking, individual sound to the proceedings. Yes, Swim Deep sound great, but they also sound too like too many other acts right now for comfort. Once you stop playing spot-the-band with their songs, something truly great will emerge. facebook.com/swimdeepuk
Download: King City, Red Lips I Know