Stand Up, People: Gypsy Pop Songs from Tito’s Yugoslavia 1964-1980

Fri, Jun 28, 2013, 00:00


Stand Up, People: Gypsy Pop Songs from Tito's Yugoslavia 1964-1980


Vlax/Asphalt Tango

World Music

Uniquely in Europe, the Yugoslavian regime of Marshal Tito accorded official status and support to Roma culture. Thus invigorated, the gypsy music of that period, revelling in a host of influences from Western pop to Bollywood, became the new sound of the mainstream. The intrepid explorers at Vlax Records uncovered a wealth of vinyl treasure: in addition to early cuts from Saban Bajramovic and Esma Redzepova (the royalty of Roma music), there are many compelling performances and, of course, great musicianship, among them the Turkish-style virtuoso clarinet of Medo Cun and the Kosovan wedding music of Nehat Gasi. The album closes with a version of the Roma anthem Djelem Djelem by a mainstream non-Roma Montenegran pop outfit. The rise of Roma culture was complete . . . for a short moment.
Download: Kada Zvona Zvone, Ramajana, Zanino Kolo