Pixies: Indie Cindy

Indie Cindy
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Artist: Pixies
Genre: Pop
Label: Pixiesmusic

After 10 years as their own covers band, Pixies have finally decided to release new material to spare them the embarrassment of trotting out the same old classics on tour. Unleashing a new album 23 years after your last is risky – you're never going to come near the legendary levels of Doolittle and Bossanova, and your mutant-surf-gaucho-punk sound has been diluted by dozens of lesser indie bands over the years. Bassist Kim Deal's departure last year doesn't help. Still, Pixies fans will find plenty here to like. Most of the tracks have already come out on the band's three recent EPs, and yes, they sound fragmented as a single album, but Pixies are past masters at pulling all the pieces together. The skewed pop melodies and twisted riffs are there on Greens and Blues, Magdalena 318, Snakes and Blue Eyed Hexe, while Bagboy, Andro Queen and Another Toe in the Ocean duck and dive with grace and grit. pixiesmusic.com

Download Tracks: Greens and Blues, Indie Cindy, Magdalena 318, Blue Eyed Hexe

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney is an Irish Times journalist