Parquet Courts: the courts are in session

Garage rock act show bawdy, bodacious side durink slam-dunk of a performance

Artist: Parquet Courts

Venue: Cosby Stage

Date Reviewed: August 31st, 2013

Stars: *****

If we were to review Parquet Courts in the same style to which they played, there would be no need for punctuation, paragraphs or pauses. This was garage rock in excelsis from the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Texas band, a thumping, gritty, pedal-to-the-metal slam-dunk of bawdy, bodacious, snotty, melodic high five screamers.

On record – and they’re behind one of this year’s beauts “Light Up Gold” – the Yanks occasionally pull their punches, but there’s a much more glorious, unfettered and feral quantity to the live romp. “Stoned and Starving”, “Borrowed Time” and “Master of My Craft” zigged and zagged to the heavens. Naturally, they’re as tight as our editor will be when we’ll hand over our expenses’ claim for the weekend.

Stradbally may not be a renowed garage rock stronghold, but this was something else entirely. They return to Ireland to play Whelan’s in Dublin in October. You’d want to be a right numptie to miss that one.