Oh Wonder: songs with a big heart you can dance to

Thu, Jul 13, 2017, 12:39



Oh Wonder

Island Records


Their first album was recorded piecemeal, issued in monthly instalments before it was compiled for release, but Oh Wonder have mastered the format on their second outing. The London duo have a firm grasp on what works in a pop album, keeping the tracklist varied and stuffed with melody and finger-clicking delights. The title track is as uplifting a tune as you’ll hear all summer; All About You is a libidinous soul song, while their vocals on the chiming Solo sounds like The XX without the malaise. It’s notable that High on Humans is a song about building connections; even though the pace drops off on the last two tracks, Ultralife encapsulates what is missing from so much modern pop: a big heart and songs that command you to dance. Ohwondermusic.com