Obits: Bed & Bugs

Fri, Sep 6, 2013, 00:00


Bed & Bugs


Sub Pop


Despite being formed from the ashes of indie outfits most people never heard of (Drive Like Jehu, Edsel), Brooklyn’s Obits are now well established as a band in their own right, particularly after two solid albums in seven years. Bed & Bugs is equally consistent, Obits’ blend of Replacements-style garage and punk combining with slivers of melody and the ability to temper their frenetic moments (It’s Sick) with more offbeat, zig-zagging tunes (Machines). This 13-song set would probably sound fantastic played loud and live in a dingy dive bar, but they lose little gumption through headphones and speakers. True, frontman Rick Froberg may have a tendency to lead his band on meandering diversions, but while Obits are neither innovative nor original, Bed & Bugs is an agreeably unruly album.

Download: Pet Trust, Machines