O Emperor: Jason review - An extremely fine farewell

Wed, Oct 31, 2018, 10:27



O Emperor

Big Skin


O Emperor’s farewell record, Jason, masterfully captures the true essence of music with 16 spectacular compositions conceived with unfiltered imagination and extraordinary musicianship.

The quintet, based between Cork and Dublin, incorporate drastically different influences to those heard on previous releases, resulting in an exceptionally innovative, infectious and addictive sound born from improvisational play.

Spontaneity informs Jason’s varied moods, throughout. In the midst of humorous skits punctuating the record, Sexy as Hell and Richard’s Dream possess a similar sophistication to David Axelrod’s House of Mirrors. Elsewhere, Make it Rain blossoms with funky Afrobeat rhythms akin to William Onyeabor’s psychedelic output.

The unyielding seduction of Girl’s alluring bass lines, slick guitar chords and velvety vocals – featuring extraterrestrial effects – make this the shining moment of the album. It’s closely rivalled by Japan, a Frank Zappa groove that commands countless repeated listens.

As the frantic melody of Effort settles, a fleeting vocal interlude ponders: “When are the lads going to get the recognition they deserve?” That time is now. The inimitable O Emperor leave a lasting impression with this remarkably passionate and invigorating album.