Nicolas Godin: Concrete and Glass review – Immersive electronica

Fri, Jan 10, 2020, 05:10


Concrete and Glass

Nicolas Godin

Because Music


His 2015 solo debut was inspired by the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, but now Nicolas Godin is looking closer to home. Before he formed French electronic duo Air with Jean-Benoit Dunckel, Godin was an architecture student – and as the title of this album suggests, its rough blueprint is the buildings that hold a particular meaning for the Parisian.

That’s not to say that these ten tracks are formal, cold affairs concerned solely with grandiosity and function; there is warmth and heart in abundance on the heart-swelling synthesiser of What Makes Me Think About You, or the 1970s soul-pop of Back to Your Heart, featuring Russian artist Kate NV. Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor also features on the dream-like Catch Yourself Falling.

Godin’s compositional work with Air is audible in the woozy experimentation of Turn Right Turn Left, while the instrumental Cité Radieuse, with its gentle synth flurries and jazzy patter conjures up an eerie Tubular Bells vibe.

It may not be quite as refined as Air’s output, but fans champing at the bit for new material will find plenty to enjoy in this immersive, enjoyable collection.