Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol 2

Thu, Dec 11, 2014, 16:38


Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol 2

Christian Blackshaw, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wigmore Hall Live


The only time I heard English pianist Christian Blackshaw in concert, he came across as unusually comfortable in his skin. I wrote at the time that he seemed “secure in the feeling that his personal pleasure in the music would communicate readily with the audience”. Which it did. When I picture the audience for these Wigmore Hall performances of Mozart sonatas, I imagine people leaning forward slightly in order not to miss a moment of the velvet-fingered player’s almost secretive treatment of the slow movements, and relaxing for the fleetness of fast movements, easy in manner but still flecked with surprises. It would be hard to find Mozart more soft-spoken and captivating than this. The set includes the sonatas K281, K282, K283, K330 and K333.