Morrissey poses his omnivore fans a dilemma

ON THE RECORD: Every week in The Ticket, we ask a musician about what’s on their rider

ON THE RECORD:Every week in The Ticket, we ask a musician about what's on their rider. The rider is that fabled document listing the demands and extras the act wishes to have for his or her gig.

Most are not very extravagant, just seeking beers and sandwiches or, occasionally, clean socks and postcards. Some, like Katy Perry, compile outlandish multi-page riders which end up on websites such as the Smoking Gun.

Then, there's Morrissey. This week, we learned just how far some promoters are prepared to go to book the singer.

On August 4th, Moz plays the Lokerse Feesten festival in Belgium, which will be forgoing sales of such delicacies as horse sausages and snails for the day.

In order to make sure the vegetarian performer feels comfortable, the festival food stalls will instead be switching to "an array of healthy vegetarian dishes".

It's not a once-off, with Morrissey usually seeking a guarantee that no meat products are cooked or sold at the venue on the day of his gigs. According to one Scottish promoter who works with the singer, this also means "no staff can consume meat on the day of his peformance".

While it's one thing for an artist to insist on vegetarian catering for themselves, it does seem rather extreme to demand that those working at and attending the show must also adhere to their food preferences. After all, many vegetarians would be quite rightly up in arms if meat-eaters demanded meat-only catering.

But it's Morrissey and it seems that promoters are prepared to put up with such food fascism. Let's hope for all concerned that the gigs are a sell-out. At least, the singer won't be able to blame a flop gig on the distraction caused by the whiff of a greasy burger.




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