Mongrel State - Mestizo: a lively deposit on a promising future

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Artist: Mongrel State
Genre: Alternative
Label: Self-released

Mongrel State are mongrel or mestizo by nature and by name. This four-piece Irish band features four nationalities (Irish, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian) and a rake of musical styles that conveniently fly under the flag of Americana.

This is Mongrel State’s debut album but, as is clear from the raucous, kinetic sound, they have been playing live for some time. With their heart steeped in rockabilly and vintage rock’n’roll, they exude a compelling energy caught well by producer Gavin Glass.

The cinematic sweep of the short instrumental Quiero Volver and the closing Rainy Day offers something more thoughtful, but this opening salvo opts to replicate the live experience and rocks along at pace with Desert Girl, Dirty Trick and the single Stray Dogs all highlights – especially the latter, with its border brass punching colourfully. A lively deposit on a promising future.