Mike Patton: The Place Beyond the Pines

Fri, Apr 12, 2013, 01:00


The Place Beyond the Pines

Mike Patton

Milan Records


After tapping Grizzly Bear to score his break-out indie film Blue Valentine, director Derek Cianfance pulls out all the stops for his new crime drama, with a wildly original score by Mike Patton, former lead singer of Faith No More. Patton gleefully abandons conventional character themes and melds electric guitar, choir and electronica to create an idiosyncratic symphonic score, shaped by melodic fragments and roiling pulses and suffused with brooding dissonance and dark colours. The Place Beyond the Pines is singular and ambitious film music, at once alienating and arresting, which yields moments of exquisite lyricism on Evergreen and Sonday and nervy suspense on Forest of Conscience and Misremembering before achieving an almost tragic intensity on Handsome Luke.
Download: Handsome Luke, Misremembering, Sonday