Matthew E White brings unshakable groove

Music with soul delviered with style and crafted passion

Artist: Matthew E. White

Venue: Rankin's Wood Stage

Date Reviewed: August 31st, 2013

Stars ****

Music with soul, old-school chops, delivered with style and crafted passion, and with an unshakeable groove that even a murky sound mix can’t muzzle. Matthew E. White has been whipping up a musical storm since the January release of Big Inner; live, he delivers every inch of that record’s sublime songwriting craft and guile.

Big Love shakes, rattles and rolls; Are You Ready for the Country has enough snap to get all those fingers clicking; and new track Signature Move is a very promising sign of things to come from the band’s new EP, which is due in October. Oh, and White and bass player Cameron Ralston’s synchronised Motown-esque dancing might just have been the coolest move in the festival.