Masayoshi Fujita: Apologues | Album Review

Fri, Sep 11, 2015, 16:21



Masayoshi Fujita

Erased Tapes


Known for ambient and glitch recordings under the moniker El Fog, as well as for experimental collaborations with Jan Jelinek, Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita steers a more straightforward course on Apologues. Well, straightforward for a musician who manipulates textures and sounds by preparing his instrument with foil and bead strings, and who frequently uses a violin or cello bow instead of mallets. However, to present Apologues as an exercise in esoteric showmanship does the Berlin-based composer a disservice. This is a gorgeously rendered collection of eight mind-salving pieces. Supported by strings, woodwind and brass, the spellbinding Tears of Unicorn literally chimes with sorrow, Swallow Flies High In The May Sky follows a warm clarinet lead and Requiem is a shimmering vibraphone and French horn duet. Elegant, evocative and understated, this is the perfect soundtrack for idle daydreams.