Mary & the Pigeons - Into Air: finely strung collection from Irish cellist

Into Air
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Artist: Mary & the Pigeons
Genre: Singer / Songwriter
Label: Sharkwoman

Mary Barnecutt has spent the last few years as a collaborator with Irish acts such as Adrian Crowley and Vyvienne Long, but now it’s her turn to step into the spotlight.

A cellist by trade, her debut album is unsurprisingly constructed around stringed instruments, with a hint of piano here and a touch of woodwind there.

The result is a lush collection that sounds organic and occasionally magical, as Halfway There demonstrates – although there is an unsettling darkness lurking just underneath the surface of songs like instrumental Stranger Than and Moving.

Barnecutt’s voice is no powerhouse, but there is a charm to her delivery, and her lyrics tell imaginative stories.


Yet it’s the music that takes centre stage, speckled with heart-swelling flourishes and sinister undercurrents.

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. She writes about music and the arts for The Irish Times