Marina & the Diamonds: Froot | Album Review

Thu, Mar 12, 2015, 17:00



Marina & the Diamonds

Warner Music


Marina Diamandis’s 2012 album Electra Heart was as much a cry from the heart as a conceptual pop music construct that gradually turned on its creator.

It was also a highly intelligent pop album that catapulted Marina into the mainstream for a couple of years – so much so that as its commercial flash finally fizzled out, so, too, did its star’s engagement with the fame game.

Froot, with all of the songs solely written by Diamandis, leaves little room for doubt as to the meanings that lie buried in titles such as I’m a Ruin, Blue, Forget, Solitaire and Weeds.

The arrangements vary from polite club bangers (title track) to stripped-back ballads (Happy, Immortal) to glorious pop, but what connects everything is Dia- mandis’s assured creative bent, which remains original, singular and ridiculously poptastic.