Lloyd Cole: Standards

Fri, Jun 21, 2013, 00:00



Lloyd Cole

So Recordings

Singer / Songwriter

It might seem like a conceited move for a musician to call an album Standards, but Lloyd Cole has earned his stripes. The one-time Commotion, former Negative and long-established solo artist has plugged back in for his 11th album after basing most of his career around acoustic guitar. Mama Cass’s California Earthquake is the only cover among 11 graceful songs that are electrified, but by no means rock epics. The comparatively sombre chug of bass on Blue Like Mars adds darkness to Cole’s trademark measured tempo, while Women’s Studies and No Truck showcase a twangy country- hued bumble. The twitchy riff of Opposites Day breathes life into the album when it seems in danger of flagging.These songs may not be standards, they’re still satisfyingly substantial.
Download: Blue Like Mars, Women’s Studies