Levon Vincent: Levon Vincent | Album Review

Thu, Apr 2, 2015, 21:30


Levon Vincent

Levon Vincent

Novel Sound


New York producer and Berlin resident Levon Vincent has been such a key stalwart of the underground techno movement for so long that it’s a surprise to note this is his debut album.

As a music-maker, Vincent’s sounds and styles are hypnotic, moody, downbeat and streamlined. Here, Vincent reaches deep on a record which feels like its creator is making a strong statement about the why and how behind what he does as a musician.

There are potential big room tracks like Anti-Corporate Music and the muscular Small Whole-Numbered Ratios, both of which are epic in tone and tinged with euphoric notes.

But Vincent is just as agile when it comes to sketching the magnificently tense and dramatic minimalism on For Mona, My Beloved Cat. Rest in Peace or the tough metallic din punctuating Junkies On Hermann Strasse.