Killing Eve: OST seasons 1 and 2 review– Ambiguous yet eminently tuneful

Fri, Dec 13, 2019, 05:00

The result is nothing less than all killer, no filler.   

Killing Eve OST Seasons 1 & 2

Various Artists

Heavenly Recordings


It is uncommon enough that a television series can marry storylines with music that can decipher visual tones, but Catherine Grieves, the music supervisor of Killing Eve, knew which Ghostbuster to call: Belfast DJ/producer/musician, David Holmes.

The mix, as Grieves and Holmes know only too well, is the crucial, credible element for the success of any music in movies or TV shows. “It can’t just almost work,” he remarks in the press release for this double album. “It has to slot in perfectly.” Even before you know of Holmes’s involvement, the inclusion of music from Cat’s Eyes, Cigarettes after Sex, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Weaver will tell you there is a canny mindset at play: playful yet troubled, ambiguous yet eminently tuneful. Of the 41 tracks in total, Holmes’s band, Unloved, presents 22, all of which signify specific scenes across the two seasons, and which integrate sound and vision in ways rarely conveyed in a TV show. Of the non-originals, Cigarettes After Sex’s K, Anna Karina’s Roller Girl and Brigitte Bardot’s Contact (both written by Serge Gainsbourg) are also tonally perfect. The result is nothing less than all killer, no filler.