Kiesza: Sound Of A Woman

Sound Of A Woman
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Artist: Kiesza
Genre: Pop
Label: Lokal Legend/Virgin EMI

Kiesa Ellestad has a colourful back-story. There may be little in the music to reflect her spells as a classically trained ballerina, Berkley College of Music graduate or Canadian Navy recruit, but it’s all necessary context for an ambitious songwriter who previously worked with Rihanna, Diplo and Skrillex.

Her breakout track Hideaway remains her most audacious calling card, a full-blooded deep house throbber with Ellestad's soulful tones hitting the red zone.

Her fondness for such retro shapings is clear with No Enemiesz and a cover of Haddaway's What Is Love both reminding you of Robin S and CC Peniston.

Elsewhere, it’s a little less starry-eyed, with few of the tracks able to rise above the horizon and far too many sub-par, slo-mo, sparse ballads.