Keaton Henson: Romantic Works

Fri, Jul 18, 2014, 00:00


Romantic Works

Keaton Henson

Oak Ten


Keaton Henson is a singer-songwriter not made for his times. In a music industry pivoted around extroverts and incessant self-promotion, this reclusive musician with a fear of live performances is very much a man apart. All of which hasn’t prevented Henson from producing a fine slew of albums, each full of powerful, distinctive, bare-bones, emotionally charged songs. His penchant for spine-tingling arrangements and small-hours whispers take centre stage on Romantic Works. A fondness and appreciation for Satie, Górecki and Pärt flows from the individual pieces, each one forming melancholic shapes from a subtle blend of ambient and classical styles. For Henson, it’s an interesting change in direction that demonstrates his elegant bearing when it comes to creating mood-setting sounds.

Download: Elevator Song, Earnestly Yours