Kairos 4tet: Everything We Hold

Fri, Jul 5, 2013, 00:00


Everything We Hold

Kairos 4tet

Naim Jazz


Darlings of the burgeoning London scene Kairos 4tet may have the all the complexity and improvisational intent of a first-rate jazz ensemble, but the group’s leader, saxophonist and composer Adam Waldman, is clearly interested in more: more diverse references, more layers of meaning, and judging by the accessibility of their third album, more audience. The addition of vocalists on four tracks – including husky Irish singer-songwriter Marc O’Reilly, UK neo-soul star Omar and folk-tinged Swedish singer Emilia Mårtensson – far from detracting from the music, connect the improvisational passages with a more elemental storytelling force that is sustained throughout the album’s 11 originals. It’s a fine balance, but Waldman’s deft arrangements of his own tunes, with lyrics by actor Rupert Friend, strike it perfectly. kairos4tet.com