John Legend: Love in the Future

Love In the Future
    
Artist: John Legend
Genre: R&B / Soul
Label: G.O.O.D./Columbia

John Legend was last in release mode in 2010, when he appeared alongside The Roots on the rabble-rousing, provocative and excellent Wake Up!. The Legend who turns up for work on his fifth album has a much different set of priorities. This is Legend the romantic, penning a love letter to his new wife (model Chrissy Teigen) and exuding all the happiness of his current station in life. While pop has always mined great albums from the blue notes that occur when relationships go sour, Legend is most crooning here from the other side of the coin. His keen ear for melodies, remarkably sweet vocals, smart arrangements and sensual, emotional punch are what make this album swing. From All of Me to the cinematic, neatly embellished sonic whirl of Made to Love, Legend's love letter blurs no lines with its unashamedly old-fashioned romantic pitch and poise.
Download: Made to Love, All of Me