Jenny Lewis: The Voyager

The Voyager
    
Artist: Jenny Lewis
Genre: Alternative
Label: Warner

Insomnia framed The Voyager, Lewis's first solo record in six years, and the effect ripples through from the hazy guitars on She's Not Me to the sloping rhythm on Just One of the Guys. Largely produced by Ryan Adams and Mike Viola, with a little help from Beck and Lewis's partner, Jonathan Rice, The Voyager has some elements of what made Lewis's old band, Rilo Kiley, interesting. The lilting guitars, confessional lyrics and clear- eyed vocals sound ever richer here. This record is disarming, however; jaunty songs such as Late Bloomer, Aloha & the Three Johns, and The New You are rattled by Lewis's country vision and a world-weary melancholia . Yet there's a silkiness in the production that takes away from it slightly. That aside, the title song is a poignant composition, with Lewis telling us: "The voyager's in every boy and girl/if you wanna get to heaven, get out of this world."

Download: Late Bloomer, Aloha & the Three Johns, The Voyager

Siobhán Kane

Siobhán Kane is a contributor to The Irish Times specialising in culture