Jealous of the Birds – Parma Violets: another musical gem from the North

Thu, Apr 7, 2016, 21:00


Parma Violets

Jealous of the Birds

Big Space Records


Another week, another heretofore hidden gem from Northern Ireland.

Just over a year ago, Co Armagh’s Naomi Hamilton released her debut EP, Capricorn, bringing her lo-fi, bedroom-studio musings into slightly predictable singer-songwriter territory.

Hamilton clearly has no wish to paint herself into a corner, though, and her debut album shatters any preconceived notions.

Starting with a re-recording of Capricorn’s lead track (Goji Berry Sunset), the album progresses from whimsical folk-pop to atmospheric indie post-punk of real substance – songs such as Russian Doll, Miss Misanthrope, Trouble in Bohemia, and Purple Octopus are the kind of crunchy crackers usually delivered by people with much more songwriting and studio experience, but Hamilton rises to the occasion time and time again.