Ian McCulloch: Holy Ghosts

Fri, May 17, 2013, 01:00


Holy Ghosts

Ian McCulloch



Credible front people of rock bands rarely, if ever, transcend their original appeal or influence – they’re always associated with the act, despite their level best to forge a solo career. And so it is that Ian McCulloch (then, now and forever the lead singer of Liverpool’s ace post-punkers Echo and the Bunnymen) perseveres regardless. This two- CD set is a stop-gap before the next Bunnymen album, featuring Mac’s most recent solo work ( Pro Patria Mori ), coupled with orchestral reworkings of Bunny- men classics ( Bring on the Dancing Horses, Rescue Me, Bedbugs and Ballyhoo, The Killing Moon, All my Colours , et al). The result is six of one and half a dozen of the other: prettified post-punk songs from a fertile period of pop music and morose if insightful tunes from a solo career that not many people are really interested in.
Download: Rescue, Raindrop on the Sun