Histoire du Tango

Fri, Jun 28, 2013, 00:00


Histoire du Tango

Augustin Hadelich, Pablo Sáinz Villegas



German violinist Augustin Hadelich is quite the virtuoso and, much as he loves tango (he and guitarist Pablo Sáinz Villegas have taken coaching from a member of Piazzolla’s Quinteto Tango Nuevo) it’s a kind of imposed violin virtuosity that dominates this performance of Piazzolla’s Histoire du Tango. The effect is oddly disorienting. The virtuosity is better adapted to Paul Kochanski’s arrangement of Falla’s Canciones Populares Españolas and fully in place in Paganini’s Moses Fantasia and in an often inward account of Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen. Paganini’s Sonata Concertata in A is the disc’s only original work for this combination, and the only one to give both players level pegging. url.ie/e8oo