HamsandwicH: Stories from the Surface | Album Review

Thu, Apr 16, 2015, 22:40


Stories from the Surface

Ham Sandwich

Route 109A Records


In recent years, Ham Sandwich’s most-asked question has shifted from “What’s with the name?” to “Where’s your third album?”.

The Kells band has undergone a subtle transformation since 2010’s White Fox, which might explain the five-year gap. Their newfound easygoing indiepop swing is thoroughly likeable at best and unassuming at worst. 

The Arcade Fire-referencing Illuminate, the nifty flourish of keys and guitar on To Replicate and the warm production and quirky rhythms of Apollo are all ear-catching, while sadness filters in via the lyrics of the plaintive acoustic pop of All Worthwhile and the standout electronica-laced Broken (Start Over).

An album that flows beautifully from start to finish without sounding laboured or insincere, it might just be the quintet’s best work yet.