Glenn Jones: My Garden State

Fri, Jun 14, 2013, 00:00


My Garden State

Glenn Jones

Thrill Jockey



My Garden State Thrill Jockey

American Primitive guitarist Glenn Jones home-recorded this slight but fascinating set after returning to help nurse his Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother in the New Jersey house in which he was reared. This knowledge creates an intriguing backdrop to this challenging music; in the shimmering and shifting open tunings of Jones’s instrumental canvas we hear a range of emotions: past, present – and future. Inevitably, there is sadness and reflection (Alcouer Gardens; Like A Sick Eagle Looking At The Sky) but there is also the life-affirming, busy jangle of Going Back To East Montgomery, while The Vernal Pool builds to a frantic climax. The eight tracks, grounded in the tradition of blues and folk but not limited by it, are bookended by chimes, as if to mark that listeners are entering (and leaving) a private space.
Download: Going Back To East Montgomery; Alcouer Gardens