FKA twigs album review: LP1

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Artist: FKA Twigs
Genre: Pop
Label: Young Turks

There comes a time with any fledging genre when an artist comes along and flips the whole cart over. In the case of the ghostly, eerie, chilly r'n'b in vogue for the past few years, Tahliah Barnett may be the one. The one-time dancer in Jessie J videos has released a couple of tracks before now, but nothing to date has possessed the same self-assured, other-wordly soul and sizzle of this album. LP1 is stylish and substantial, thanks to Barnett's striking voice and beats that sound as if they're transmitting from another planet. (There are shades of former Massive Attack collaborator Nicolette in some of the more off-kilter noise.) Familiar shapes from r'n'b's past colour Give Up and Pendulum. But then Barnett brings in ideas around melodies and methods from another cosmos on Lights On and Hours, and you really appreciate her singular, thrilling talent. Download: Lights On, Hours, Give Up