Eve Belle: In Between Moments review – An Irish pop star in the making?

Fri, Oct 23, 2020, 12:11


In Between Moments

Eve Belle



Ireland has been awaiting the arrival of a world-class pop star for the millennial generation – could Eve Belle Murtagh be it? The Donegal native’s debut album is certainly fizzing with energy, enthusiasm and clever songwriting that belies her tender years.

Murtagh has described herself as a proponent of “sad bop”; others have called her a “chronicler of sorrows”. But this is no hackneyed collection of dejected love anthems. The songs, admittedly saddled with the kind of lovelorn sentiment typical of any 23-year-old, are glazed with both a wry humour (as heard on standout Bluff’s: “I’m scared of falling, I’ll jump instead/ You wrecked my night, so I’ll wreck your head”) and an obstinate sense of resilience.

Framed by snappy electropop beats, ice-cool production and an eloquent vocal style, it’s only a matter of time before songs such as Blood Sports, Begging for Rain and the brash strut of Smithereens are soundtracking big emotional climaxes in films and TV shows.

On the regret-laced Please Don’t Check Your Messages and Homesick, the pop tempo is turned down for a folky, stripped-back approach. They’re less engaging than the upbeat numbers, yet Murtagh’s voice adapts to both styles with panache.

It’s an imperfect yet accomplished debut – and if she’s this good at 22, there could be great things in Eve Belle’s not-too-distant future.