East India Youth: Total Strife Forever

Total Strife Forever
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Artist: East India Youth
Genre: Rock
Label: Stolen

The time is coming when artists such as William Doyle, who happily gad about from one genre to the next in the course of an album, will be the norm rather than the exception. For all the joys of multi-genre artists to come, Doyle's debut is still well worth saluting. After doing time with an indie-rock band, Doyle has found a much more comfortable niche by jumping from ambient, pop and electronica to techno and post-rock within the space of a few songs. He clearly relishes the freedom that comes from such stylistic shifts, but his most refreshing attribute is the guile with which he works these grooves. The dark, shadowy maul on Hinterland, the lovelorn harmonic lilt throughout Dripping Down, and the melodic sweetness of Glitter Recession are proof of Doyle's considerable smarts. The best album using a Foals pun as a title that you're likely to hear in 2014. facebook.com/eastindia youth
Download: Hinterland, Dripping Down, Glitter Recession