Disclosure: Caracal | Album Review

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Artist: Disclosure
Genre: Dance
Label: PMR/Island

Few expected Settle to turn Disclosure into the biggest noise around in 2013, but all eyes are on the Lawrence brothers as they swing into action with album No 2.

There's a lot to live up to, because Settle was one of those rare dance records that united many tribes. Caracal sees Guy and Howard Lawrence and their songwriting partner, Jimmy Napes, take a starry cast list of pop acts for a walk on a slightly wilder side than they'd normally be accustomed to.

Be it the lovely sheen on Nocturnal with The Weeknd, the infectious bounce throughout the Lorde-powered Magnets, or the shimmering, charismatic soul of Gregory Porter on the fantastic Holding On, Disclosure and guests produce a rake of polished and poised garage-pop.

There's little deviation from the template, but when they get things right, Disclosure are still capable of soaring. disclosureofficial.com