Delorean: Apar

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Artist: Delorean
Genre: Electronic
Label: Matador

Basque-born, Barcelona-based and Balearic-breezy, Delorean and their delirious grooves, sunny sounds and big-room sensibilities have worked in their favour for quite some time. Like his 2010 album Subiza, Apar sounds as magnificent as you'd expect from a band who produce bespoke, crafted, dancefloor-nudging textures – and who always known how to make these assets shine. On Apar they've smoothed their edges to produce an album which glistens and glows. It's still a sound where the beat is firmly in the heart, but the colourcard throughout is more about subtle shades than bold prints this time out. Spirit and Unhold are bright and hazy, though you'll probably find more unique keys on the wonderful Dominion and the bracing You Know It's Right. Apar may lack a truly killer touch from tip to toe, but it's still possesses the stuff of a happy beach party.
Download: Dominion, You Know It's Right